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The Dimensions of the Cross, Part 3
EnglishThe Dimensions of the Cross, Part 3
By John Woodward
In part two we examined the truths of Romans 6:6-14. Believers are to know that our old man was crucified with Christ, and that we are set free from the authority of sin. Reckoning this spiritual fact as...

The Dimensions of the Cross, Part 2
EnglishThe Dimensions of the Cross, Part 2
By John Woodward
Dimension 2: THE CROSS IS OUR MEANS OF RENEWAL. Not only has Christ died for us, but believers have died with Christ ! This is like the width of the Cross--it reaches every aspect of our nature....

The Dimensions of the Cross, Part 1
EnglishThe Dimensions of the Cross, Part 1
By John Woodward
Many today underestimate the Cross. Why did Christ have to die? Was he just a martyr? A noble example? What does the Scripture mean when it speaks of Christian being "crucified with Christ"? How are we to "take up our cross...

Today's featured past issue

From Doctrine to Experience
EnglishEspanolFrom Doctrine to Experience
By John Woodward
How should theology relate to life? The epistles of Paul address this question by their very structure. Notice this pattern: Romans 1-11 are primarily doctrinal; chapters 12-16 are practical. Ephesians 1-3 are doctrinal; chapters 4-6 are practical. Colossians 1-2 are doctrinal; chapters 3-4 are practical. Why did the Holy Spirit inspire this pattern? The key word is "therefore." "I,...


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This year is the 20th anniversary of Grace Notes.
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What is GraceNotebook.com?

An Internet ministry to Christians who yearn for the abundant life that Christ promised: "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). A tool chest to equip pastors, biblical counselors, missionaries, and other committed disciple-makers with articles from a Christ-centered, grace-oriented perspective.

A comprehensive resource of reproducible teaching for discipleship and counseling with the aim of being Christ-centered, Bible-based, life-related, and grace-oriented. These articles are provided for church and personal ministry use--such as in newsletters, Sunday School classes, Home Bible Studies, mentoring, etc. Permission is granted to reprint them for noncommercial use.

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